Learning Spaces

The Meaning Behind Our Roopuu

Roopuu Kaakano is our junior syndicate, Years 0 - 3. Kaakano translates to seed in Maaori. Roopuu Kaakano is where our students begin their Puketaha Powerful learning journey, they are full of excitement, energy and potential. The Magnolia tree standing tall and strong in the grounds of Puketaha is very important to our community especially our children. Our students enjoy the protection it gives them when they sit underneath it or when they climb amongst its strong branches. Because of its significance, we use the Magnolia tree to help us model the way we learn, as well as a way of naming and organising our students into their syndicates. 

Roopuu Maahuri is our middle syndicate, Years 3, 4 & 5. Maahuri translates to sapling. Roopuu Maahuri is where our students, having developed strong roots, continue on their journey developing their values and 6 C’s.  

Roopuu Puaawai is our senior syndicate, Years 6 - 8. Puaawai translates to flower in Maaori. The senior syndicate is where our students blossom into independent learners. Using their strong foundation to apply what they have learnt, they are developing the confidence and necessary skills to eventually leave the security and safety of our Puketaha School environment and thrive in the next stage of their educational journey and beyond.