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Powerful Learners 

Located just minutes from Chartwell, Puketaha School is a rural school that provides a sheltered learning environment that is hard to find within the city limits. Puketaha focuses on creating powerful lifelong learners who love learning and know how to drive their own learning experiences. Puketaha School is a full primary school catering for learners from Years 0- 8.


Term Dates 2024

Monday 4 September

Term Dates 2024
Term 1: 1 February to 12 April
Term 2: 29 April to 5 July
Term 3: 22 July to 27 September
Term 4: 14 October to 17 December

Out of Zone Ballot

Tuesday 9 May

Applications are invited for out of school zone enrolments for 2024

The Puketaha School Board of Trustees invites applications from parents who wish to enrol their children at Puketaha School for the 2024 year.  Enrolment to the school is governed by an enrolment scheme.  Parents of students who live within the home zone should also indicate their enrolment by this date to assist the school to plan appropriately for next year.  Students who live in the home zone are entitled to enrol at the school.  Ballot applications are required for siblings of children who attend the school.

The Puketaha School Board of Trustees advises that they will be operating one ballot for Out of Home Zone enrolments for all of 2024. 

The Board has determined that there will be separate ballots held for different year levels:

18 spaces for Year 1 Term 1, 25 spaces for Year 0 Terms 2,3, & 4, 1 space for Year 2, 1 space for Year 3, 5 spaces for Year 5, 4 spaces for Year 6, 10 spaces for Year 7 & 8

There are no spaces in Year 4

The exact number of places will depend on the number of applications from students who live within the zone.

The Board is prepared to receive applications, in addition to those they already hold to reach the school by Monday 18th September 2023. If a ballot for out of zone places is required, it will be held on Wednesday 20th September 2023.

Applications are available from the School Office or the Puketaha School website and to be returned to Puketaha School R D 1, Hamilton or office@puketaha.school.nz

Allocations from out of home zone students will be processed in priority order as set out by the Ministry of Education.

Term Dates 2023

Thursday 17 December

Term Dates 2023

Term 1: 7 February to 6 April

Term 2: 24 April to 30 June

Term 3: 17 july to 22 September

Term 4: 9 October - 15 December